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Rough sleepers being attacked in London

31 May
I just saw this on a forum I visit. Please circulate as widely as possible.
It has came to our attention that Rough Sleepers are currently being attacked in Central London by a gang of three men on a nightly basis.
We urgently appeal that this information is spread far and wide to those associated with our streets in London.
There have been at least 10 attacks that we are aware of in the last week. In all attacks the rough sleepers were alone and asleep at the time. The severe beatings have lasted a few minutes and the peoples meagre personal possessions: Phones, ID, passports and belongings have also been stolen. Due to the nature of people having to find sleeping spots off the beaten track there have been few witnesses.
The ‘gang’ consists of three white men in their late 20’s – early thirties and appear to be targeting mainly East European homeless Folk. This is significant as the attackers may be aware that those new to the country are less likely to get the authorities involved due to justified mistrust.
Violence sadly is part and parcel of the real everyday risks that exist for those who find themselves homeless. This current organised escalation in violence is a very worrying trend and we need to make our homeless community aware and do whatever we can to prevent these attacks. On one night alone we know of 3 separate attacks carried out by this gang.
For any further information please contact: beatonthestreet@

Never ending workfare

31 May

Can’t believe people actually want and support this. This will threaten your job and your wages – especially agency workers and others in precarious positions.
This needs to be shared as widely as possible

The Fuhrer of the Nazi Hippies

28 May

David Icke – Class hatred, Nihilism and Narcissism

When footballer David Icke appeared on Terry Wogan’s show in 1991 claiming to be the Son of God there was little sign that he was going to become one of, if not the leading figure in a cult phenomenon. It was fascinating and horrible that somebody who was clearly having some sort of mental breakdown could be allowed to humiliate himself in this way on national television. If someone who was that obviously ill appeared on a similar show today the presenters would rightly be castigated for mocking and letting the audience laugh at his delusions. Watching the interview today is like watching some sort of car crash TV, something that could, unfortunately, be applied to the rest of his “career”, although for very different reasons.

What I aim to do in this blog is to present the facts so you can connect the dots, as he himself would say, and make up your own mind about Icke and his theories. I think that the evidence of David Icke’s own words and actions shows that he is not ill and worthy of pity or for that matter a brave “truth-seeker” – he is a vicious anti-semite, a liar and a charlatan and this post will aim to prove it. His politics are the politics of elitism, nihilism and narcissism, a vacuous self help philosophy about “freeing your mind” and “consciousness” as though he is some sort of life coach. The sheeple will fall into line, they’re just software programmes on legs ready to be manipulated by anyone, whether that’s the lizards or the truth seekers.

Of course, if you challenge him on any of this you’re just “solid gold programmed”, as opposed to the “open, awake” people who have watched his videos and know where he’s coming from. As if the only explanation for rejecting him and his politics is because you are a zombie. Unwashed scum, “little girls in women’s bodies” with “big gobs” who need to know their place, who have been pre-programmed to reject him and everything he says. Watch this video and look at the class hatred dripping off it at the start as he sets his fans up for the abuse he receives from the “morons” and the “robot radicals” as they mouth off at him. Obeying their masters because they obviously have no independent thoughts of their own. Because that’s what these “software programmes on legs” do, as opposed to rich blokes in suits who earn a handsome living flying round the world doing talks about matters which are “too deep” for them to understand.

He claims that everything relating to his anti-semitism has been taken out of context. He complains that these “little girls” are taking out of context quotes and turning them into something different. All these people are a personification of “how the world is controlled by a tiny group of people who manipulate the masses.” Let’s see shall we.

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“Fuck those who want to fight violence with violence”

27 May

So Laurie Penny has been all “controversial” again in the matter of anti-fascism (this btw is the same person who has tried to slander the people who were involved in writing this book as racists and misogynists merely for criticising her work). This is the same person who appears on platforms such as the Oxford Union pretending that shes a “revolutionary socialist” but at the same time claiming that people like Anthony Seldon are her mentors.

“Fuck anyone who believes that violence is an answer to violence” she says. In other words, fuck the International Brigades. Fuck the partisans of WWII. Fuck Anti Fascist Action. Fuck the 43 Group. Fuck the residents of Cable Street. Fuck anyone who has used violence to oppose fascism and racism.

Laurie Penny attacks the EDL and says she is not terrified of Islamic extremism, but then she gives their views a platform, she gets kettled with them and “interviews” them for twitter.

On a previous occasion she actually bought the EDL leader dinner in an expensive restaurant! o ETA: ordering the most expensive thing on the menu for him. It has been pointed out to me that the restaurant wasn’t necessarily expensive but it was a long time since I read the article. 

There is nothing wrong with writing about fascists. There is also nothing wrong with talking to people who may be attracted to fascist and far-right explanations of events and trying to change their views by challenging them. But what Laurie Penny and Vice magazine, who recently gave a platform to David Icke and also did a bit of far-right tourism in Hungary do is simply self-aggrandizing careerism, giving a platform to people like that in order to build up their journalistic reputations without considering the social and political implications of what they are doing.

I don’t want this whole thing to be about Laurie Penny but I will quickly say, that she states in the article that she is not worried or scared about Islamist extremism. I think that she is wrong and that I am scared and that she should be scared.She is also wrong to equate Islamist extremism to Islam, and the irony of her taking fascist leaders to expensive restaurants and then saying that the EDL are a threat and that Islamist extremism is not shouldn’t be lost. I am not afraid of Islam or Muslims at all, that does not mean that Islamist religious fanaticism does not worry me.

The murder in Woolwich shocked me because of the brutality and the random nature of it, and I am sorry to say that I am worried by Islamist extremism whether it’s in Egypt with the members of the Muslim Brotherhood killing protesters, attacking workers on strike and protecting government and military institutions and terrorising religious minorities, or over here. I am also worried by zionism and Jewish religious extremism in Israel and the policies of the Israeli government which are increasingly suicidal and murderous. the threat from Islamist extremism in this country is still tiny i don’t think wishing the problem away is going to solve anything.

The whole idea of “freedom of speech” does not exist in a vacuum, when you share a platform with somebody or give them a platform for their views to be aired far and wide (or for that matter allow them to give you a platform) you are not simply doing that.

No platform is not about suppressing people’s freedom of speech. The strongest advocates of no platform would oppose any attempt by the state to impose bans on fascist organisations because of the use of such legislation against any demonstrations by more progressive groups, but would argue that such organisations need to be challenged by the community and some of them would argue that the use of physical force is sometimes necessary. Some organisations such as UAF and the SWP have interpreted this to mean they can plead with the state to ban fascist demonstrations (while denouncing any criticism of far-right Islamists, who they have been quite happy to give a platform to in the past and even pander to by adopting things like segregated seating etc, as racist).

But you cannot rely on the state to protect you against fascism, or Islamist extremism for that matter. The same state which has allowed these conditions to develop. But neither can you somehow hope you can defeat these people through rational argument, by not challenging the views of hardcore fascists and accepting they’re “equally valid”, or for that matter by insulting their spelling and insulting their intelligence (and by extension the intelligence of everyone in the community they came from) as many of the members of facebook groups like “Still Laughing at the English Defence League” tend to do with their classist (and frequently prejudiced in other ways as well) sneering.

Much of the reason for the growth in Islamism and the far right is because of a break down of community and the fact that people will often seek out anything, no matter what it is – that’s why initiatives like the community unions could potentially have such a lot of potential, as well as things like football tournaments which are organised for the whole community. Things like this are very very encouraging – especially because it will drive a wedge between ideological fash and a lot of their soft support who may just be alienated and pissed off. The left used to be masters at this stuff, lets do it again and not necessarily leave it to religious groups.

But when organised groups of fascists start trying to firebomb mosques etc (or for that matter Islamist far-right extremists call for the murder of gay people) I don’t think banal platitudes such as “don’t fight violence with violence” are at all an answer because it is just drawing an equivalence between their violence and that of people trying to oppose them. The only way they can be stopped is through the people who agree with them being faced with the reality of their views being wrong, of seeing the people they are blaming for all their problems as people.

But some people won’t see it so they will often have to be physically confronted, and when the soft centre left is trying to hold anti-fascists back while at the same time giving fash views a platform in the media for no other reason than to further your career and sneering at them for being uneducated rather than engaging with their politics, thus creating the conditions which enables it to succeed, then they are worse than useless.

Who Is David Icke?

27 May

This is an excellent blog about David Icke and conspiracy theory bullshit. I haven’t looked at the rest of the site but it looks well worth checking out. In addition they have an article about how “conspirituality” has become a religion. (and not a very good one!)

Thrive Debunked

Arguably the most famous—and certainly the most infamous—person who appears on-screen in Thrive is David Icke. As probably the most well-known conspiracy theorist in the world, Mr. Icke is quite naturally a lightning rod of controversy and a divisive figure who evokes strong emotions both pro and con. This article will attempt to answer the question, “Who is David Icke?”, and also make some attempt at evaluating why he appears in Thrive, what he says while on screen, and why his inclusion in the film is one of the key issues to understanding the message Thrive is trying to get across to its audience.

What Does David Icke Say in Thrive?

An extended interview with David Icke, intercut with various material, forms much of the middle section of Thrive. Although the interview with Mr. Icke proper begins at 53:48 of the film, his face first flashes on the…

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19 May

Why. Why?
I really cannot see the attraction.

“Atheism is a temporary condition” lol.

19 May

The other day when I was getting lunch I went out into the high street and saw some sort of protest going on. I was in a hurry because it’s been a hectic time at work. At first I thought that it was some sort of protest about workfare because it was in front of KFC. But the sight I saw would have been disturbing if it hadn’t been so funny. A group of people were standing near KFC and there was some guy on a podium ranting about hell, the bible and similar topics. One of them was holding some long biblical message on a sign, another was waving a sign around saying “Atheism is a temporary condition”.

There was a counter protest going on by some feminists who were carrying signs saying “end rape culture” and attempting to argue with the Christian protesters. At first I thought they were part of the main protest itself but then I realised that they couldn’t be. I was relieved to see them there and thought about going up to tell them i agreed with them, but I didn’t have time and the main speaker from the Christian group looked very intimidating.

I’ve got absolutely no problem with people believing in God or having a faith but it stops if they try to tell everyone how and what to believe or they try and interfere with people’s lives with stupid narrow minded ideas about “sin”, heaven, hell and so on when they are not doing anyone any harm.

I always have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with religion to be honest. When I was younger I was pretty religious and it helped me survive a lot of problems in my life, I really felt like God was helping me through a lot of things and I had stuff that I still cant fully explain but were like religious experiences. A lot of this may be due to my poor state of mind at the time. I don’t know though, and for that reason even though I am basically a non believer these days, I can’t dismiss it completely. I have kind of a love-hate thing going on with it which is probably incompatible with being a revolutionary communist.

When I was younger I used to get in arguments with Christian missionaries that I encountered on the street and completely demolish their arguments from a “biblical” point of view lol. I kind of miss having that faith and that certainty. I knew God existed and that he was looking after me and that he loved me and i was one of “his people”. But it’s almost certainly not true, if there is a god he is a complete and total bastard so what’s the point of doing all of this stuff to please him? But I miss it. I actually do. I don’t miss the other bullshit that came with it but I miss knowing this stuff was right.

But so much of it is just illogical. And I hate lots of things about religion as well, I hate how intolerant it can be, and how it can be used to justify appalling acts and horrible views such as the people I mentioned at the start of the post wanting to threaten and intimidate atheists and tell people that if they are going to have an abortion or go out with someone who’s the same sex they’re going straight to hell, or for that matter those zionist twats who think that “god told them” to go to the west bank and be a settler and displace people from their land and treat them like shit and it’s all right because “God gave them the land” yeah and so what, who gives a flying fuck, does it justify what’s going on there? I mean really?

I wish I still did sometimes. And I still observe things, I do a lot of stuff that people who are a bit more involved with me in the whole thing probably don’t do. When I am at church services with christian mates I dont sing anything to do with Jesus, like I will sing the rest of the song that goes on about God and how great he is but not the parts that refer to Jesus, turning water into wine and any of that – and of course dying on the cross haha.

For a non believer I spend way too much time thinking about this stuff. I have my own reasons for keeping some of it up which are a bit weird, let me try and explain.

I’ve got a mezuzah up on my door and that as well, I like having all that stuff around because I think it’s quite comforting. Last year I went to Yom Kippur for the first time in quite a few years and although I don’t believe in God that much really I actually thought that fasting and being in the synagogue for the most of the day thinking about what I’d done over that year and how I can like make amends and be a better person and do better was a really good thing for me to do and once you’ve been you can start over again and have a clean slate.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything about believing in God or any of that, it can just be like “that year’s done and the next year’s going to be better” and that sort of stuff.

But one of the main reasons I suppose it’s because people died for the right to do all of this stuff and so now that I can do that without having to worry about it all that much except have to deal with much more than the odd stupid comment from people I might as well you know, it’s like I owe it to them. It’s hard to explain but it’s not really about god, at least not really. Perhaps in spite of god rather than because of him/her if anything. That’s why there are loads of things that I don’t do because I don’t think that if he, if he exists, that he’s deserving of that much respect, and by that I mean things like how to eat food and how to write his name, which I used to take really seriously when I actually thought that he was perfectly good and all of the things I mentioned, as well as thinking that he definitely existed.But yet I can’t just dismiss the whole possibility that God exists in some form or other entirely, so …

My feelings about it are very, very confused and contradictory as opposed to my feelings about the class struggle which are pretty coherent and clear cut these days. I’ve probably made myself look like a massive twat with this post but this is the best I can do right now.