Why Tenant Blacklisting Is A Recipe For Abuse

30 Jun

Their “motto” is a bit fash to say the least … as someone whose struggling to find a property to rent this shit makes me sick

the void

rigsby-routledgeThe Landlord Referencing Service (LRS) run by Paul Routledge reveals just how far out of control landlords in the private rental sector have become in the UK.

Not content with soaring rents and one of the least regulated private rental sectors in Europe, now some money grabbing landlords want to further line their pockets by using the threat of blacklisting to increase their power over tenants.

Paul Routledge (@Paul_Rout) claims he began the blacklisting service after being seriously injured by a former tenant.  This has led him to embark, vigilante style, on a war on all tenants by investing a large amount of his own money on a website where landlords can name and shame tenants amongst themselves.  Routledge’s ambitions were not just financial – the stated aim of this blacklist is to install landlords as the ‘Gatekeepers of the Community’.  The community was not asked what they…

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