Between the wars by Billy Bags of money.

1 Aug

I was a miner
I was a docker
I was a railway man
Between the wars
I had a pop-up garden scheme
In times of austerity
With coffee at Luke’s Cafe
Between the warsI paid the union and as times got harder
I looked to the government to help the working man
And they brought prosperity down at the pop-up scheme
“We’re skating for peace me boys”
Between the wars

I kept the faith and I kept voting
Not for the iron fist but for the helping hand
For theirs is a floor with ramps around it
And mine is a faith in my fellow man
Theirs is a land of half pipes and glory
Mine is the green eco-initiative and the entrepreneurs
Theirs are the walls all dark with graffiti
And mine is the peace we knew
Between the wars

Call up the craft breads
Bring me the lattes
Build me a path to an independent art space
And I’ll give my consent
To any government
That does not deny a man a living wage

Go find the young men never to skate again
Send them away like the days gone by
Sweet gentrification
Heart of this nation
Desert us not, we are
Between the wars


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