daniel pelka.

2 Aug

this case has had me in bits. 😦

and the certain knowledge that there are others like him out there and its going to become harder and harder for people to help them 😦

it’s only going to get worse too with the cuts and the destruction of social provisions, including jobs at schools and other agencies and people who do make some attempt at spotting this sort of thing. not to mention the destruction of our communities so that people are only living in an area for short periods and don’t/can’t see whats going on with their neighbours

what a world 😦

and then there was going back on the train today, some fuckin disembodied voice saying “there was a person hit by a train” and that’s why it was delayed.

what a brutal fuckin society we live in


getting food out of dustbins for fucks sake. its just unspeakable. and having the school just believe the parents when they told them that load of bollocks. this the “red tape” you were on about then gove?

sleep well little fella,  i hope you’re in a better place now 😦


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