A Truly Chlling Move: Part Time Workers To Face Housing Benefit Sanctions DWP Confirms

28 Feb

oh you bastards

the void

what-next In breath-takingly savage news, it has been reported that the DWP plans to stop Housing Benefit payments to low paid part time workers if they fail to carry out ‘work related activity’.

When Universal Credit is finally introduced, those earning less than the equivalent of the minimum wage for 35 hours a week will be forced to constantly look for more or better paid work to qualify for in-work benefits such as Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.  Part time workers could face being sent on workfare in the hours they are not at work and will have to prove to Jobcentre busybodies that they are constantly looking for another, better paid job.

Currently sanctions are usually only inflicted on unemployed people, lone parents or those on sickness or disability benefits.  Sanctions are often imposed for the most trivial reason such as being a few minutes late for a meeting with…

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One Response to “A Truly Chlling Move: Part Time Workers To Face Housing Benefit Sanctions DWP Confirms”

  1. radicalchains March 23, 2014 at 12:26 am #

    Heiko Khoo that Trotskyist bloke at Hyde Park (‘Speaker’s Corner’) claims the biggest worry is, will property prices collapse (which will massively damage ruling class ideology)? (He says) The Government says in order to prevent a crash we need rising property prices. Ergo to keep housing prices artificially high we need no more housing benefit, no more unemployed, immigrants, no more parasites from the poorest classes. Instead we give help to those who really need it, the middle class who want to buy houses. We’ll give them a guarantee of 15% of their mortgage to ensure the banks which were salvaged with government money (our money) will be solvent by backing up false expectations of the value of property. In order to maintain the illusion and the votes of the Tories. They promote and entire campaign about robbing the mass of people, their own wealth, to buy property that’s not worth a quarter of the price they paid for it. For example a new 3/4 bedroom house costs to actually build about 60 grand not a Victorian shit hole priced at 350,000 etc. The difference is fictitious capital, it has no (real) value. What it does is compels people to work for firms to pay taxes to government to subsidize the banks and private corporations.
    Speech here: http://youtu.be/GcsXvkyQVJY

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