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the extent of sexual violence

24 Mar

I was going to write this post last weekend but got sidetracked, tiredness, work, etc. 

So yeah I know it’s a bit late but here goes. 

Last year I wrote a post about how prison guards at a prison in the USA had been convicted of turning their prison into their personal dungeon where they would rape and abuse female prisoners. I get quite a lot of hits to this page and the search terms used to find it are a bit fucking grim. Stuff like this:

womens prison sex
jailers wank unwilling prisone
most notorious prison rape
guards raping women with big cunts in prison

And so on now I don’t know about you but I don’t get the feeling these people were searching for information about the prison industry and the way people were treated within it. These search results are a bit disconcerting when new information has come out revealing the extent of sexual violence within society. The overwhelming majority of sexual violence and rape is by men against women but it happens to men too and it is committed by women too.

I keep meaning to write a post about the extent to which capitalism relies upon the threat of sexual violence. This deserves a longer post but I don’t have the energy right now and principally I wanted to draw people’s attention to such a shocking study.

RIP Bob Crow

11 Mar

Terrible news. I heard him speak once or twice, on the Youth Fight for Job march in 2011 and I think one other demo.
There aren’t many union leaders like him these days.

Rest in peace comrade

North Korea

6 Mar

So I looked at my stats and discovered that I had had someone view my blog from North Korea. As ordinary citizens don’t have access to the internet I think that can safely assume that whoever it was held some sort of privileged position within that state.

In case they’re reading I would like to say that with any luck it won’t be long before the north Korean working class rise up and bring down the Kims’ disgusting regime which despite calling itself communist bears no relation to anything resembling real Socialism, especially now that they are collaborating with China to set up ‘special economic zones’ to compete with an increasingly militant Chinese workforce. If you have not seen the following film please watch it (but be warned there is VERY upsetting content involving some horrific descriptions of Nazi-like atrocities (and I’m not just saying this, i generally hate that sort of hyperbole) and ex prison guards talking about what they did seemingly without any remorse.