Peaches Geldof RIP

7 Apr

She has died far too young, I think that I am only a few months older than her. And anyone making jokes can fuck off, as can the BBC telling us all to ‘get in contact with our views on what happened.’ Sick.

Rest in peace lass. 😦


One Response to “Peaches Geldof RIP”

  1. radicalchains April 28, 2014 at 11:54 am #

    There was a news report today of a nineteen year old who died in Colombia after taking a hallucinogenic drug offered by a shamen. He was taken to hospital by motorcycle but seemingly died on the way and was left by the side of the road by two panicked locals. He was going to university next year.

    Another story today. Five people, including a nine-week-old baby girl and two other children aged nine and seven, have died in a house fire.

    But, Peaches Geldof was the heiress of a famous capitalist afterall.

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