Fraser Glenn Miller

21 Apr

A little over two weeks ago a neo Nazi called Fraser Glenn Miller (also known as Frazier Glenn Miller or Fraser Glenn Cross) went into a Jewish care home in Kansas City and shot and killed several people. This Nazi had posted on the Stormfront website and various other Nazi websites such as VNN forum for many years during which he racked up several thousand racist and antisemitic posts as ‘Rounder’. He was in his 70s and, like another notorious Kansas resident, Fred Phelps, had devoted his entire pathetic waste of a life to far-right views.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center which monitors extreme right activity in the USA, at least a hundred murders have been linked to the Stormfront website, which claims to serve the ‘white nationalist’ (a euphemism for Nazi) community, including the child-killing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.

Anti fascist groups had tried to warn authorities about Miller for many years; although he had grassed up his comrades during a 1980s terrorist trial during which he was charged with mailing ‘declarations of war’ to authorities and other Nazis across the USA and the possession of hand grenades. Despite saying he regretted his actions, he only did this to escape prison and still openly held his real views, which he said he would ‘take to the grave’. His card was marked as a fucking grass, too loathsome for even the majority of Nazi scum; because of his informing he was a pariah from the so-called ‘white nationalist’ movement – following his release, he then spent years trying to rehabilitate himself among neo-Nazis and largely failed.

Incredibly, he was allowed to teach a class (link broken) to a group of students at Missouri State University about ‘Jewish supremacism’ during which he went off one at a student he later referred to as a ‘skinny kike‘ (link broken) and told the girl that he hated Jews and always would, because of ‘what your people have done to mine’. According to his own account few people challenged his views.

One person who definitely didn’t challenge his views was the mayor of Marionville who told a newspaper about how Miller was ‘very fair and honest and always respected his elders as long as they were the same colour as him’, and once wrote a letter on Miller’s behalf ‘spreading his warnings’ about how the medical industry was ‘making a few Jews rich by killing us off’.

It wasn’t as though he was exactly reticent about spouting them either – he ran for Congress, wrote books, produced appallingly written racist screeds which he dropped on people’s lawns and rang up Jewish charities to rant at them for raising money for Jews in Ukraine when ‘they are the ones sucking all of the money out of the country’.

What happened in Kansas City shows the danger of being complacent about the far right, and the fact that you simply cannot rely on the state or other authorities to protect you against the fash, and more often can rely on them to repress or victimize you or worse, for antifascist activity. Recently more closer to home six anti-fascists were acquitted in a trial relating to a BNP demo last year, but the police tactics used have served to criminalize people taking part in anti fascist demonstrations. You cannot rely on the state which is why demanding state bans completely misses the point – it also allows these scum to claim a martyr status.

There’s a lot more I want to say about this case and the wider social implications of it. There are certain groups and individuals who I think should look very hard at their actions and statements over the last few years and their role in creating a climate where these types of threats could be ignored or at least not taken altogether seriously. Another time though.

No fucking pasaran.


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