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Fucking a pig, fucking the country

25 Sep

By now you must have heard the allegations concerning David Cameron in the so called ‘Piggate’ scandal. I can’t say I’m surprised at all at this event and have a certain amount of glee at the fact that in 100, 200 years, this will be his legacy. The only thing he is remembered for. Imagine the humiliation he is going through right now. Whether it’s bombing Libya, supplying arms to jihadists, carrying out extra judicial killings, carrying out attacks on workers and unions, imposing further limits on the right to strike, stirring up racism, carrying out extra judicial killings, attacking the right to protest, driving disabled people to kill themselves and presiding over a huge transfer of wealth from poor to rich it’s not often we get to laugh at anything this guy does. There’s a good chance that without bestialising his way into elite Oxford clubs he wouldn’t have got to be prime minister anyway. So let’s enjoy it and enjoy the spectacle of the Tory party and their wealthy backers tearing each other apart. I hope he is sitting in a room crying himself to sleep.

On the other hand I do hope it raises more awareness of the despicable way farm animals are all too often treated. Being used by that overprivileged tosser as a sperm receptacle simply adds insult to injury after a life which is often spent in pain, in overcrowded, unnatural conditions where pigs often have their tails and other body parts cut off for their own safety. Now we can add being sexual playthings for elitist toffs to a list of things that can now happen to farm animals which are already seen as little more than inanimate objects. You would think that an animal that gave its life to be on our plate should be treated with a bit more dignity.

His behaviour helped facilitate a culture where animals can be treated with disgusting cruelty for our amusement, and helped cement the bonds between him and other members of the elite establishment. As of course do rituals such as burning a £50 note in front of a homeless person. All part of binding the group together with shared secrets, which they believe will never come out, and getting its members to overcome and openly mock any moral boundaries they may have had, as have similar rituals by fraternities in the US. This is a man that described looters at the London riots as part of a ‘broken and sick’ society, that’s seen fit to lecture us about ‘British values’ and how we have been too tolerant as a country, ‘as long as you obey the law we will leave you alone.’ This creep fucked a pig and he has posed for the last five years as a moral arbiter. The last few months’ political events have been an absolute gift to the far right and reactionaries of all kinds in the UK and across the world.

Of course fucking a dead pig isn’t the worst thing he has done but it is telling that whatever opinion you may have the majority of people don’t seem remotely surprised.