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Never ending workfare

31 May

Can’t believe people actually want and support this. This will threaten your job and your wages – especially agency workers and others in precarious positions.
This needs to be shared as widely as possible

Austerity affecting all aspects of life among the working and middle classes

2 Mar

This is not a theoretical post just an observation. Not only have good friends of mine and loved ones been affected by the cuts to disability benefits and so on you can see the visible poverty even in relatively affluent areas like the one i live in, the large increase in the number of people homeless and seeking the assistance of food banks and the like. Despite what some people may think and what some bourgeois politicians may have us believe the economic conditions now affect all aspects of life in a profoundly depressing manner. This may be somewhat stating the obvious but a few things I have seen in the last few weeks (actually more than that but the other stuff is personal involving friends and family so I don’t really want to post it) have brought that point home.

Recently I was at a job interview in Slough for a teaching assistant position at a school, during this interview I was asked what I would do if one of the children had come to school hungry, which is a common occurence. We live in Britain ffs a first world country and there is no need apart from the so-called “logic of capital” for any child to go hungry.

The local synagogue run a service that provides meals for homeless people as well as items for needy families (without discriminating on the basis of religion) to cook themselves with, reading the newsletter I got from them this morning it said they were finding it impossible to cope with demand and the situation was expected to get significantly worse because of housing benefit cuts. Obviously the foodbanks and services provided by churches and mosques locally as well as similar services up and down the country will have undoubtedly seen a similar rise in demand. It is good that people are doing something but is it really a good thing that assistance that was provided by the state on a centralised basis is now returning to the realm of religion and small independent groups that dont have enough funds, and profit making “charities”?

It is something I dont usually like to write about or post about because I don’t even like thinking about the effects this stuff is having even though i can see it every day. Theres personal shit I could also post relating to this but I won’t. Not really comfortable with it. With the introduction of Universal Credit this will all get significantly worse with part-time workers being expected to look for jobs with more hours constantly. I think it is worth reposting Johnny Void’s excellent blog here which has links to anti-workfare and disability/claimants rights actions as well as lots of information about this stuff.

This post is not very long or very analytical because frankly I don’t like thinking about it at all but it does need to be pointed out that the fight goes on and people are trying to do something even if the victories are initially quite small.