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Billy Bragg vs the South Bank Skateboarders

31 Jul

The South Bank skateboarders shouldn’t veto our community dreams


Yeah, fuck off skateboarders, stop getting in the way of people with money! Leave them to create their pop-up cultural arts space or whatever it is, rather than a public space for the whole community!

Trees, shrubs and plants occupy many of the spaces; these pop-up gardens are tended by homeless people, providing them with work experience as part of an ongoing eco-therapy initiative.

And in the undercroft itself, there are no plans for a Starbucks, despite what some have claimed. There will be two new restaurants, but the real focus will be series of pop-up ventures, similar to Luke’s CafĂ©, giving young entrepreneurs the opportunity to start up their own businesses.

He says while living in a mansion in Dorset and encouraging “pop-ups” which offer nothing to the community, only an even more precarious future and reduced employment rights.