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Chinese government tries to stop people fasting at Ramadan

13 Jul

China curbs Ramadan fasting in Xinjiang – Asia-Pacific – Al Jazeera English.

Outrageous and more than a little sinister and ties in with a pattern of imperialism, occupation and settlements by the Chinese government and the military/industrial state corporation the “Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps“. There seems to be a huge amount of resentment because this company employs a huge amount of people and enjoys huge political and economic power – and its workers are almost all from outside with little benefit for the locals, who are mostly Muslim. There have been riots earlier on this year which left many people killed, and which the Chinese government seem to be quite keen to portray as being motivated by Islamism – saying for example that Syrian rebels are helping the Uighurs – or racism against the Han Chinese.

I was horrified when I heard this story, and less than surprised that there’s been no outrage by the Iranian or Saudi Arabian governments – no surprises there though sadly. But at the risk of sounding like one of these people who always complain bout this sort of stuff, I didn’t hear anything about this from the so-called left, such as, for example, the SWP. What would have been the reaction if the US had banned Ramadan? What about if Israel had?

How exactly are the Chinese government going to stop people fasting? By force-feeding them like they do at Guantanamo Bay? What business is it of the “Communist” Party if people don’t want to eat on a certain day, or between certain hours of the day?

Far from reducing ethnic tensions as the Chinese government claim this seems designed to increase them and further justify what other “security” measures they want to put in place – and drive the wedge even further between the Muslim ethnic groups and the majority population who are living and working there, making it very much more difficult for unity on a class basis to take place. You can imagine even the least observant of Muslims telling them to get to fuck.

Horrible stuff really and thoroughly depressing.