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Ding Dong!

16 Apr

A column of soldiers marches past the Margaret Thatcher Museum. Each one salutes to the giant statue of the Iron Lady standing between the two enormous pillars, and her second in command but just as revered antecessor whose Little Blue Book is required reading throughout the UK. Big Ben is silenced on the anniversary of the Lady’s death – the dinging and donging of the clock would detract from the solemnity of the occasion and provide amusement to the critics of the Tory Ideal. The armoured vehicles and tanks cruise past skyscrapers with posters of the inspirational leaders’ faces.

David Cameron, otherwise known as the Young Leader, lies in a specially created section in the Margaret Thatcher Museum. “Adoring” members of the public come to view his body every year, where it is preserved using state of the art techniques. He and Thatcher are remembered as the Inspirational Leaders who transformed a nation, who saved it from internal and external enemies such as the unions and benefit scroungers.

Every public building has a portrait of the Iron Lady inside and usually outside the building as well. The Young Leader’s Little Blue Book takes up pride of place on most bookshelves and those who do not possess a copy are treated with suspicion at best. There are few pockets of dissent, except in the North of England and among descendants of former miners, and even they hesitate to speak their minds.


Does this sound like an unnerving vision of the future? It’s meant to be. The “preparations” surrounding Thatcher’s funeral are reaching North Korean levels of absurdity. Cameron does seem to want to create some sort of Thatcher leadership cult, which will be a difficult task given how divisive a leader she was.

I will write something longer about the funeral once it’s done. I apologise I’ve not been writing very much on here the last few weeks, I’ve been very busy as well as being tired having just started a new job. I hope to write more soon!