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Get out of the fucking embassy Julian

15 Aug

In the article below which I wrote shortly before the news about Chelsea Manning’s transition, Manning is referred to as “Bradley” and she is referred to as a he. Her real name is Chelsea and she is a woman. Sorry to anyone offended.

Last night (well two nights ago now but it was last night when I started writing this) I went to see “We Steal Secrets – the Story of Wikileaks” with a mate from the save our services group I’d been part of a year or so ago in Oxford. Initially I would give it 3 and a half out of 5, as while I thought it was quite good there were some problems with it, mostly to do with how its rapey figurehead Julian Assange was portrayed, I thought they were a bit too kind to him for reasons I’ll say during the rest of the piece. He wasn’t happy about his portrayal though for reasons I will describe later in the piece.

If you don’t want to see a massive spoiler for a film, most of which was written when I was either drunk or stoned then stop reading now. I am right though. I looked at it sober and I’m still right! Still, if you disagree use the comments and tell me why 😀

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