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Why I resigned from the Socialist Party

7 Aug

The above is Sarah Mayos resignation letter not mine but it is worth a read.

I sadly think there’s a culture of misogyny in Trotskyism and this is one of the things that contributed to my leaving the SP this year. The trot “democratic centralist” left is in big big trouble due to among other things that culture of misogyny, the culture of professional politics not too dissimilar from the bourgeois parties (certain people in the centre who have never had jobs outside politics and can support themselves through other means besides their work for the party) meaning that they do not truly represent the working class, even if this is unintentional the structure of the organisations means they cannot hope to.

Mostly the reason I resigned was for political reasons and not personal. I do however think that because of the nature of democratic centralism it ends up wide open to abuses of power especially by the leadership and those close to it (which often include “leading trade unionists” who are usually men and used to climbing up the greasy pole and ordering people about).


I never anticipated ever leaving the party I dedicated my life to at the age of 20 (I’m now nearly 33). I became a conscious socialist and marxist BEFORE I joined the Socialist Party at Swansea University in autumn 2000. My devotion to fighting for a socialist world remains as firm as ever, although I find myself in the unprecedented situation of being party less and unsure how I can best continue to fight for the working class overthrow of capitalism and imperalism without the revolutionary party I had once considered my own.

Now it is the party of my male oppresser and I struggle to reconcile this fact with my understanding of the actual values of a socialist organisation. The leadership have chosen the man who abused me over myself, discarding me like I’m of no value at all. The Socialist Party is NOT safe for me or any…

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